Ozone Treatment

If you are thinking of selling or have a rental property that needs tenants there are two things that will help you get top dollar and/or quality tenants. The overall feel of the property (cleanliness, location, design and layout) and how it smells.

A home that has a lingering or consistent smell takes longer to sell or rent out and can go for as much as 25% less than comparable properties.


Our Ozone Treatment is available to eradicate all unpleasant odors and destroy harmful bacteria.

Our Ozone Treatment helps eliminate odors from:


  • Cigarette, Marijuana, Cigar Smoke
  • Sweat/ Lingering Body Odours
  • Pet Odours
  • Ethnic Food Odours
  • Viruses
  • Mold/Mildew Odours


We offer this service free to all sellers that use H and E Real Estate Group to sell their home!


If you are not thinking of selling but just want to eliminate odors please call 780-884- 9331 for a quote and it works great on vehicles and commercial spaces as well!


What is Ozone? 


Ozone is created naturally by supercharging oxygen, Ozone only stays for a limited amount of time and then turns back into oxygen. Ozone is one of the most powerful natural disinfectants known to man and is used to improve indoor air quality by destroying indoor odours.


What is the process?


Prior to initiating the ozone treatment you will have to ensure that the odour source is removed or the treatment will not be effective and the odour will return. 

No People, No Pets and No Plants in the property during the Ozone treatment and in the hours shortly after. This is extremely important as the Ozone treatment elevates the Ozone levels to the point of being very hazardous to humans and every breathing thing. Entrance into the space being treated is strictly prohibited.

When the property is ready for the Ozone treatment we will come into your home and set up. Treatment time depends entirely on the space size and layout as well as the strength of the smell that you want to be removed. Once the Ozone treatment is done we open up windows to air out the space and ready for your return. 

We do ensure that it is a quick process and will not take longer than 48 hours (in most cases) to complete the treatment.

You will return to a clean, fresh smell like that after a thunder/lightning storm which will be noticeable for approximately 48-72 hours after which there should be no lingering odour. 

 *All ozone treatment services to be outsourced and completed by our preferred contractors*